the opposite of what i asked for.


the opposite of what i asked for.


Hey guys! I know a lot of you, but if you don’t know me, my name is Lison.

My whole life I’ve struggled with mental illness, and I try to keep smiling through it all. My family has been looking into getting me a psychiatric service dog, which will accompany me everywhere I go, helping me with my anxiety, and help prevent and calm me down from panic attacks and all kinds of other neat stuff. But these special little pups are very expensive, and money is tights as it is, so I wanted to try and raise as much as I can on my own by offering these little chibi commissions. 

Please contact me via my askbox if you are interested

I’m offering the following:

  • Flat Colour Chibi - $5
  • Shaded Chibi - $8

My paypal is

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I think it’s important to be fully awake when playing animal crossing or else you might end up looking for a specific fish called a river fish when a villager requests one and then realise that all fish from the river are river fish


>(  ((  °)3  fish!


>(  ((  °)3  fish!

8 more followers untill my giveaway


I should start preparing items, Ive decided there will be 3 winners of some cool stuff :3 streetpass,dlc, and event items from other countries :D


tangy’s pic spoke to me yesterday


Pokemon Crossing by


Merry Labor Day, one and all!


hEH quick comic doodles before bed. Good night!

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